This is a new form of poem that I recently found. It’s called a Diamante poem, due to the diamond shape that the words make. It’s really simple and minimalist, but I think it can be more powerful because of its simplicity.


Arduous, necessary

Weeping, hoping, stumbling

Journey, support, discovery, wonder

Searching, listening, reaching

Strong, open



Mysterious, painful

Suffering, feeling, seeing

Acceptance, promise, hope, peace

Resting, trusting, loving

Eternal, beautiful




I wrote this poem last May, but it seems appropriate to share, considering that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s short and simple, but I really like it.


Just the sweet presence of the

One I love, now, today –

Yesterday fades like old jeans.

Fear of Myself

In trying to be authentic and to recover, it is necessary to listen to my “inner wisdom” in order to truly be myself, but I am afraid that, if I let that show, then people won’t like me, and maybe I won’t even like myself. I wrote the following poem today along this theme. Each line has 5 words, which I did to try to add rigidity and more constraint. I want to be more free, yet being inside my little box is kind of comfortable.

I fear my inner wisdom

And everything along with it,

Because what kind of woman

Would that make me become,

Would that make me become

Someone unfamiliar, someone without love?

I worry about my heart

Clogging from too much fat,

But now I wonder if

There is something else clogging

My heart and the arteries,

Some blockage inside, not physical

Not something you can touch,

But something that refuses touch,

That doesn’t let in love.




I wrote this poem on the first day of the new year. Butterflies are a common symbol of transformation, and they are very special to me. This year I want to work on being authentic and living a new life, which is one reason why I started this blog.


A new year welcomes a new life,

A metaphor for metamorphosis

For casting off the old shells and self-imposed hells,

But it won’t happen without conscious action:

Even a caterpillar builds its own chrysalis.