NaPoWriMo day 3

Today I made a scarf, dyeing the fabric using paints in water, along with other tools to move the paints through the water. The technique makes one-of-a-kind scarves, and one never knows exactly how the scarf will turn out, no matter how careful one tries to be. It was a helpful activity for me, knowing that I could do just about anything, and the scarf would turn out beautifully. There are no mistakes. Everything is how it should be in this moment.

This poem is titled, “Poem in Fabric.”

Let the drops fall where they may,

And swirl them with a stylus in the hand,

Under the heat of the springtime day,

Without needing to understand

The grand design, but savoring

The steps, creating the final piece,

Trusting that the colors blending

Will find beauty at the cease.

It is not the way I planned,

But I can hold it in my hand

With pride, wrap the scarf around my neck

And hold the lessons beside.



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