NaPoWriMo day 11

Today’s prompt was rather difficult, but it was interesting to try something new. That’s the main point of this month, I think, trying to experiment with forms and ideas that I probably wouldn’t otherwise explore. The goal was to describe something and then conclude with an abstract line that seems like it doesn’t go with the previous lines but actually does.

It has a bumpy black cover,

Like snakeskin,

Hiding the device inside,

White with many round buttons,

Letters, next page, next page,

Prev page (yes, abbreviated)

Back, home,

Turn it on electronically, a switch,

The screen awakens like a giant,

There are many books in its memory,

There are many words on the screen,

But it all feels the same, thin, flat,

(Back, home, next page, next page)

It is crowded but lonely.

I decided to write about my Kindle e-reader. I enjoy using it, and it is convenient, but I still think that there’s nothing like holding an actual, physical book an turning its leafy pages. I think that the pace of technology is unfortunate and isolates many people from real life and from each other.


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