San San

Today’s prompt, as the title of this post suggests, was to write a san san, which I had never heard of and which seemed really complicated but was definitely fun to write. It is an 8-line poem with the rhyme scheme abcabdcd, and three images or phrases are each repeated three times.

There is a  fear that I will never be loved, a terror

That haunts my mind and days, hiding in the back,

The bogeyman, monster under my bed, fear from childhood,

Though I know such creatures don’t exist I still believe the error

That I, a monster, suffer from fundamental lack,

Of which I am ashamed and need to hide, rewriting

My past and present to be something worth loving. something good,

But the monster is not me; it is the fear, the hiding.

Just some thoughts going through my head this morning. I’m not feeling very confident about myself, but I try to end with some hope. Fear is a lie. When something unpleasant happens, I think, “At least I got a poem out of this experience.”


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