NaPoWriMo day 17

Today’s prompt was to find words from a specialized dictionary and use at least 10 of them in a poem. I used a medical dictionary for it, but not all of the words are only medical terms (I’m not sure why some of them were in there, but they were). I will define some of the more uncommon or obscure words underneath the poem.

The intima of my spirit

Is no mere manikin;

It is a pupa, arrested from old life,

It punctures the past and epilates bad habits.

It has an intolerance for insincerity,

As it culls my cares with a mantle of love.

It makes an oncotomy in my old self

And is a resuscitator for respect,

Retching up the poison in my thoughts.

My oneiric spirit renews me

With restiform hope, given truly.

Intima: general term denoting an innermost structure

Epilate: to remove hair by the roots

Culling: process of selective removal

Mantle: an enveloping cover or layer

Oncotomy: incision of a tumor or swelling

Oneiric: pertaining to or characterized by dreaming

Restiform: shaped like a rope



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