NaPoWriMo day 19: “How-To”

Today’s prompt was to write a didactic poem, which provides instructions for how to do something. This is a very personal poem that I was hesitant to share, but I decided to write “How to Recover from Anorexia.”

Suffer for a long while.

Realize it’s not your style

To be in pain every day,

To shiver as though summer’s winter,

To be exhausted getting out of bed,

Assuming, you don’t wind up dead

During the night. The physical light

-Ness is eclipsed by nothing less

Than obsession, burden, hell.

Work up the courage to tell

Someone. The journey to recovery’s begun,

But it’s long and exhausting,

Learning a new way of being,

Comfortable with being uncomfortable,

Letting go of control because the toll

Is too high. Listening to the lie

“You must be skinny to be loved”

Does nothing to protect, just disconnects

From friendship. Each day loosen its grip

By holding on to hope,

And reach for the rope

That friends and faith will give you.

Choose, today, to be true.

I’m still working on doing this. Hopefully I can follow my own instructions.

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