My Name Is Thirst

This is a poem that I wrote when I was 14, but because of the story behind it, it remains one of my favorite poems that I’ve ever written. In my first-year French class, we were learning some basic phrases, and the teacher asked a student to say, “I’m thirsty.” In French, that is “J’ai soif,” but my classmate said, “Je m’appelle soif.”

“My name is thirst,”the teacher translated. “Very poetic.” That stuck with me all year, until, in the spring, we had to write a small book of poems for my English class. I remembered that sentence, “My name is thirst,” and related to it, inspiring me to write.

What I learned from that and what I still carry with me is that even a “mistake” can turn into something beautiful.

My name is thirst, thirst for


Pure and simple,


Sour-sweet together,

Orange juice,

Nurtured by the sun.


Standing by myself,

No one to stand beside,

No one

To call my friend,

I do

Not smile or shine.


I am in a desert,

Of crowds and concrete,

Where is the oasis

In the swirling sands, confused,

Where is the water,

In the empty plastic bottles,

In the empty plastic souls?


At home, my name is thirst for


Pure and simple,


Sour-sweet together,

Orange juice,

Nurtured by the sun.


But in this desert?


My name is thirst, thirst for


Nurtured by the sun,


Sour-sweet together,


Pure and simple.



One of the recent daily prompts was “Phase,” so I wrote this poem yesterday. I had just finished a yoga practice during which, in bridge pose, I breathed deeply and watched my stomach expand when it filled with air. It was a little difficult because I have body-image issues, but I like to challenge myself, and it turned out to be a positive experience.

Breathing in and breathing out,

My belly expands like a waxing moon,

My body a bridge to relaxing,

To accepting myself and quieting critical shouts

In my mind — someday soon,

Anxiety and pain will wane, because

I’m already beginning to live again.

Golden Shovel Poem

Yesterday I wrote a “Golden Shovel Poem,” which is written by using at least one line from an existing poem and using each word in the line(s) as the ending word in each line of a new poem. My inspiration was this poem by Emily Dickinson, and I used the words in the first stanza. Each line became a stanza in my new poem. I’m pretty happy with this poem, for a first attempt and will probably try to write another one, since it was fun to write.

The only thing that matters is hope,

No matter how flighty and fleeting it is,

It is the sturdy rope, the

Kindly tether to patience and joy; and another thing:

It is not false, no ploy, no drawbacks with

It; it gives the soul a song, and feathers.


There is a menace that

Haunts me like Poe’s raven, perches

In my life, in my mind, even in

My rest, a looming test with the

Heaviest consequences for my soul.


My soul flies, not unlike Icarus, and

Some unknown melody it sings,

Shakily, no virtuoso but stumbling over the

Enigmatic and disjointed tune;

Yet this song is something I cannot live without,

A newfound guide into the

Unknown, as I find words.


So, hope is a guide, a shield, and

I will choose to keep fighting, never

Giving up, until one day when suffering stops.

On this earth there is tribulation, staring at

Evil, but to the soul, indomitable, it is not all.

As Soon As…

I wrote this poem a couple of days ago. It’s written in French, and the English translation is below.

Dès que le soleil se levera, tu me verras,

Dès que l’aube viendra, le couleur du ciel changera,

Dès que je recevrai des ailes, je volerai,

Le monde sera different de ce que je pensais,

Dès que je déciderai de me jeter de la montagne,

J’aurai plus de pouvoir, et je ne craignerai pas,

Dès que je me rendrai compte de qui je suis,

Je serai toute libre, et puis…!

As soon as the sun rises you will see me,

As soon as the dawn comes, the color of the sky will change,

As soon as I receive wings, I’ll fly,

The world will be different from what I thought,

As soon as I decide to leap off the mountain,

I will have more power and will not fear,

As soon as I realize who I am,

I will be completely free, and then…!