As Soon As…

I wrote this poem a couple of days ago. It’s written in French, and the English translation is below.

Dès que le soleil se levera, tu me verras,

Dès que l’aube viendra, le couleur du ciel changera,

Dès que je recevrai des ailes, je volerai,

Le monde sera different de ce que je pensais,

Dès que je déciderai de me jeter de la montagne,

J’aurai plus de pouvoir, et je ne craignerai pas,

Dès que je me rendrai compte de qui je suis,

Je serai toute libre, et puis…!

As soon as the sun rises you will see me,

As soon as the dawn comes, the color of the sky will change,

As soon as I receive wings, I’ll fly,

The world will be different from what I thought,

As soon as I decide to leap off the mountain,

I will have more power and will not fear,

As soon as I realize who I am,

I will be completely free, and then…!


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