Golden Shovel Poem

Yesterday I wrote a “Golden Shovel Poem,” which is written by using at least one line from an existing poem and using each word in the line(s) as the ending word in each line of a new poem. My inspiration was this poem by Emily Dickinson, and I used the words in the first stanza. Each line became a stanza in my new poem. I’m pretty happy with this poem, for a first attempt and will probably try to write another one, since it was fun to write.

The only thing that matters is hope,

No matter how flighty and fleeting it is,

It is the sturdy rope, the

Kindly tether to patience and joy; and another thing:

It is not false, no ploy, no drawbacks with

It; it gives the soul a song, and feathers.


There is a menace that

Haunts me like Poe’s raven, perches

In my life, in my mind, even in

My rest, a looming test with the

Heaviest consequences for my soul.


My soul flies, not unlike Icarus, and

Some unknown melody it sings,

Shakily, no virtuoso but stumbling over the

Enigmatic and disjointed tune;

Yet this song is something I cannot live without,

A newfound guide into the

Unknown, as I find words.


So, hope is a guide, a shield, and

I will choose to keep fighting, never

Giving up, until one day when suffering stops.

On this earth there is tribulation, staring at

Evil, but to the soul, indomitable, it is not all.


3 thoughts on “Golden Shovel Poem

  1. Wow. This is incredible. As I read it, a cool breeze came in the window and I don’t know whether it is that breeze or your poem that gave me goosebumps! Isn’t it amazing where this technique takes you? It is what Robert Bly calls “Leaping Poetry.” Something in you causes leaps that mere reason doesn’t take you to. I think your poem is wonderful. And, thanks so much for the link. It made it as easy to read your poem as it was to enjoy it.


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