I was reflecting on my life this afternoon and felt inspired to write a poem about the healing that has been taking place in my life. I credit Jesus Christ for it and believe that, were it not for Him and His church, I would not have nearly the life I have now. I wrote the poem from His point of view, as if He were saying the words to the reader.

Let My scarred hands touch your scars,

Those hidden hurts within the heart,

Let Me enter the murky depths,

That I may heal the inward parts.

With tender mercy I’ll assuage

The guilt and shame that will not leave,

Your sense of worth will be restored,

For I will be your soul’s reprieve.

I am with you in pain and tears,

For I as well for Lazarus wept,

Be still and let Me shine the light

On all those secrets too-long kept.

Let cleansing water wash away,

The grief and grime of burdens past,

Expose them to the light of day,

And feel them fade, slowly, at last.



Today’s one-word prompt was “Transformation,” and I started thinking about all the ways that I’ve changed for the better recently, over the last 6 months to a year. Even though I still struggle with self-image and emotional difficulties, life is so much better than it used to be, and I have more hope for the future now than I’ve had in years. I’m becoming a person I actually like now and am also learning how to be assertive and kind of more courageous, too.

Timidity turns, slowly;

Revealing a new me,

Anxiety becomes excitement,

Not stopping until I

See the goodness ahead of me:

Freedom and faithful hope, doors

Opening to being

Real, receptive to

Miraculous change.

Be thou my vision

Recently I heard Audrey Assad’s version of the hymn “Be Thou My Vision,” and I’ve been thinking about the words to the song a lot this morning. It is giving me strength, inspiration, and hope. Here is the lyric video. I decided to write a few more verses, just for fun.

Be Thou my vision,

Allow me to see,

Where you have called me

And who I’m to be,

Give me the courage

To walk without sight,

Lead me to freedom

And out of worry’s night.


Be Thou my vision

And walk with me close,

Help me to keep my eyes

On what matters most,

And when pain comes in

Descend like a dove,

Help me see everything

Through the lens of your love.


Be Thou my riches,

My silver and gold,

Christ my redeemer

Makes new out of old,

Help me to trust and

Confusions release,

Thou art the author

Of beauty and peace.


Be Thou my fortress,

Imbue me with strength,

Help me to stay with you

All my life’s length,

I seek to know you,

Please shine like the sun,

And when I see you

You will tell me “Well done.”