Be thou my vision

Recently I heard Audrey Assad’s version of the hymn “Be Thou My Vision,” and I’ve been thinking about the words to the song a lot this morning. It is giving me strength, inspiration, and hope. Here is the lyric video. I decided to write a few more verses, just for fun.

Be Thou my vision,

Allow me to see,

Where you have called me

And who I’m to be,

Give me the courage

To walk without sight,

Lead me to freedom

And out of worry’s night.


Be Thou my vision

And walk with me close,

Help me to keep my eyes

On what matters most,

And when pain comes in

Descend like a dove,

Help me see everything

Through the lens of your love.


Be Thou my riches,

My silver and gold,

Christ my redeemer

Makes new out of old,

Help me to trust and

Confusions release,

Thou art the author

Of beauty and peace.


Be Thou my fortress,

Imbue me with strength,

Help me to stay with you

All my life’s length,

I seek to know you,

Please shine like the sun,

And when I see you

You will tell me “Well done.”

5 thoughts on “Be thou my vision

  1. Even though you penned these lovely verses a year ago I did not cast sight on them until today, but no matter, for these words are as timeless as the original hymn.


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