Just a little something I wrote earlier today…

When life is hard and full of sorrows,

You hold them in Your hand.

You, who with all grief acquainted,

Are stronger than this world’s sand.

Hold me tightly my dear Savior,

And redeem this day,

May I be safe in the Beloved,

And in Your goodness stay.

There is always, always hope.



I was reading Luke 10:41 yesterday, the story of Mary and Martha, and related to the passage. Martha was very busy, trying to serve Jesus, while Mary rested and listened. There is nothing wrong with being busy; in fact, sometimes it is necessary, but I need to learn to rest and relax, to be still and trust God.

Martha, rest with Me.

You are worried about many things.

Martha, rest with Me.

There is no test beyond My capability.

I make you holy.

Martha, rest with Me.

I am busy but do not hurry.

This is the life that’s blessed.

Martha rest with Me.

My Martha — rest with Me.