Today my pastor’s sermon was about John 13:1-17, which is the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. I was inspired to write this poem, which I shared with my pastor and some friends, and they liked it. I hope that whoever is reading this post likes it, too.


Wash my feet,

Your water’s pure,

Wash all of me,

Your love is sure.

To be with You

Is my desire,

Your word is true,

Take my life entire.

Take the lead,

You’re the example,

You meet my need

With blessings ample.

Help me to do,

Because I know,

You make all new,

As onward I go.




This poem is a sonnet, which I’m happy with myself for writing. I was thinking about generosity and about how the most generous thing is to give of one’s own time and life, and this was created.

The One who gave His life upon that Cross,

Is worthy of all praise and sacrifice,

I wish to do not just what will suffice,

But to go forth, whatever it may cost.

You, God, delight in sacrifice of love,

So I would like to of my own self give,

But help me to through this nervousness live;

Alight upon me like a peaceful dove.

Please guide my thoughts and feet where they should go,

That I should live with generosity,

Spurning selfishness and dishonesty,

Despite its difficulty I do know:

To die to self is holiness’s route —

Fill me with You, that I may be poured out.


I wrote this poem a few days ago. I’ve been writing every day but haven’t gotten around to posting anything, so here you go!

Sitting in your presence,

Kneeling at your feet,

Yours is the sweet face

I’d truly long to meet.

You my Lord and guardian,

You my heart’s abode,

You who lead my feet

In peace back home,

Speak to me, my Bridegroom,

Let me hear your voice,

Let me choose your way,

For I give you my choice.

I give you my body,

For you give me yours,

Keep me in your presence;

Guide me through life’s course.

As I was writing this, it became like a prayer. I hope you enjoy and that it brings you peace.