Truth: A Sonnet

I wrote this poem this morning. It was kind of interesting because I didn’t know that it was going to turn into a sonnet. Sometimes, I don’t know how a poem will end at the time that I start writing, and it ends up surprising me! That makes writing even more fun and exciting.

The path to truth is not perfectly paved,

And sometimes it is dark as a dense wood,

But all who seek Him will by Him be saved,

Uttermost and fully, beyond what could

Be ascertained or guessed by human minds.

The light of deepest Love constantly guides,

Though the worn path, seeming serpentine, winds,

As Truth, like a child, seemingly runs, hides;

But all that’s needed is to walk along,

Trusting, trusting, slowly, yet ever more,

Singing, singing, with angels Grace’s song,

Which penetrates stone hearts straight to the core.

The life of faith’s a journey, ever on,

For our Lord lives, and hope is never gone.


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