I was reading part of the Bible, Luke 2:25-35, and was inspired by Simeon’s prophecy about Jesus, especially the part about a sword piercing Mary’s heart. She had to go through so much pain, but it was worth it to say yes to God’s plan. Because Mary was willing not only to give birth to Jesus but to care for him as a child and even to stand by him when he died on the cross, we all can know God. I think that one lesson from this passage is that, even though we will sometimes experience excruciating pain, the end result and joy will be worth it all.

Your son will be a sign, causing

Some to rise and some to fall, revealing

Thoughts and showing divinity

To even the lowest of humanity,

And a sword will pierce your own soul, too.


Your son will grow in stature and of mind,

His life, before this time, was of an unseen kind,

You will bring him up the way that he should go,

You’ll have a mother’s joy, and know

A sword will pierce your own soul, too.


He will be with you thirty years,

His father will teach him, you’ll dry his tears,

He has been born into this Holy Family,

And he will perform a miraculous ministry,

But a sword will pierce your own soul, too.


You who carried him on earth

Will find that all the joy is worth

The pain, yet as you stand before the Cross,

Though having hope, you’ll feel a mother’s loss:

A sword will pierce your own soul, too.