National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) starts tomorrow! Today’s “early bird prompt” was to write a haibun, which starts with a few sentences and ends in a haiku. I tried to write a few of these today, and this one is my best attempt. It was inspired by the people I saw while walking to work this afternoon. I definitely had fun with this!

A mother carries her young son as they cross a busy street. The asphalt under their feet is hard, and cars could unexpectedly speed. As they cross, she carries him onto the sidewalk. Then she sets him down gently, trusting his own learned capability.

You cannot carry

Your young son forever, though

You yearn for safety.



Today’s prompt came from It was to write a poem of exactly 44 words, including the word “balloon.” Like last time, this one was fun to write, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

It goes to heaven when you let it go —

So said my mom when I would lose balloons.

I’d cry, but soon accept and be

On my way to something new.

Now is the same: I cling too tightly,

Choosing familiarity over true liberty.


The prompt that I found today was to write a poem of exactly 44 words, using some form of the word “spring.” I had fun writing this. The prompt came from

This will not be a silent spring,

See the flower petals and hear the birds chirping,

As all of life renews, comes out of hiding,

How beautiful is grass that peeks through snow;

I spring to new life too, finding a voice: my own.

Life Is Like Baking

Sometimes the various “ingredients” of life don’t seem to be able to make anything good, but put together and given time, I believe it can make something even better than can be imagined.

Living life’s like baking a cake:

We think, “How can these ingredients make

Something remotely tasty? Eggs, milk, flour,

Sugar? How could these have power

To become a sweet dessert?”

So we, fearing, assert

Our independence and avoidance,

Especially of the heat, intense:

“Three hundred fifty degrees? And how long?

How long?” To us it seems wrong,

But the heat is what brings it together,

If the ingredients surrender, and weather

It. We may not know how it can turn out,

But through the fire is sweetness’ route.