“Call Me Hagar”

I decided to write another ghazal today. I normally wouldn’t post twice in one day but was very happy with how this turned out! It was inspired by Agha Shahid Ali’s poem “Tonight”. I am not feeling this way currently but am very familiar with the struggles described in the following poem.

I feel alone, connection’s far tonight,

I see no smiling start tonight.

Even the moon has forgotten its light.

Shrouded, it makes the sky dark as tar tonight.

My mind sees a battlefield near:

What emotions will I need to spar tonight?

Depression, restlessness, fear, anxiety?

What demons come to wound and scar tonight?

Yet hope alone, even now, can fight

The darkness; complete despair I’ll bar tonight.

And in the midst of these anxieties God sees:

I sob in God’s arms. Call me Hagar tonight.

2 thoughts on ““Call Me Hagar”

  1. I continue to like the succinct nature of your Ghazal’s (a form I was never familiar with before I came across your writing) It seems that you have to be very parsimonious with your world use to gain precision of meaning. I like them a lot.


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