I was reading the book Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, a book that I am enjoying immensely and somewhat surprisingly, and a sentence stood out to me. One of the characters says, “All things want to open,” and though he is referring to doors and locks, I connected to it on a personal level. I think that all people want to open to at least one other person, to be known and loved and supported. Even if they are scared to be honest, I think that everyone wants a place to be able to be true and to be themselves without fear of rejection.  That was the inspiration for this poem.

All things want to open.

Doors. Locks.

Want to show what lies

Behind them, the truth

Of what is in them.

My heart wants to open,

Wants to sing out its secrets

And listen to yours.

My arms want to open,

To hold your body safe

And provide a space

For you to open.

The doors

And the locks

Between and inside

Each of us

Lonely, hiding souls.

3 thoughts on “Open

  1. It sounds like a good response to the community prompt on dverse. I haven’t read it yet. Opening up is a wonderful idea even as a generality. The things people hide are not good, for the most part. Thank you for a blessing!


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