Favorite Breakfast: Haibun

This week’s “Haibun Monday” is about cooking and a recipe. I did not see the prompt until this morning so was inspired by my breakfast. This was fun to write and a little bit of a challenge to be as descriptive as possible, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

My favorite breakfast: I open a fresh container of plain, Greek yogurt and spoon it into a hand-painted, ceramic bowl. The pure white of the yogurt stands out next to the brown bowl with the tan trim and a pink heart painted on the side. I slice with a butter knife a juicy pear, yellow with ripeness, and place it on a dainty white saucer. I pour crunchy bran cereal into the creamy yogurt (sometimes I feel like an elderly person in a young person’s body). Don’t forget the bitter and delicious black coffee!


Cold-winter yogurt,

Spring pears, hot-summer coffee:

Fall in love with it.

9 thoughts on “Favorite Breakfast: Haibun

  1. A very tasty haibun! We, too, break our fast with yogurt (nonfat), a bran cereal, and seasonal fruit. Our coffee grinder serves as our alarm. We are as young as we feel!


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