To Me: A Ghazal

I wrote this one about a week ago and am posting it now for DVerse’s open link night. This one was really fun to write, and I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.

How precious is your love to me,

Nothing exists which is above to me!


To your abode my spirit yearns to fly,

O sweetest bliss when you are nigh to me!


When you are far my breath comes as a sigh,

When I call out you swift reply to me.


How long until we once again can meet?

Reunion’s hope is sweet to me.


One day we can a heavenly feast eat,

Though your sole presence is complete to me.


I, purified, am clothed in righteousness,

And grace, which is kindness to me.


Though I’m imperfect you don’t love me less,

Yes, your life’s eternal happiness to me!

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