Love, Your Body

Good morning! This is the body

That will be with you today.

I will be with you all day,

So I hope we can stay

Friends, and not get into arguments.

I know you don’t always agree

With me, but I want to be

With you, so I’m hoping

We can go do something fun

Today, something we will love.


I have unconditional love for you,

When you don’t give me much I do

What I can with the little I get.

This is love: Let me talk to you,

And walk together to greater

Things, a reborn way of living.


For just like you, I just want to be

Loved, and every part of us

Is made of and by Love,

So please, so not be afraid of me.

I want you to achieve

Beyond your wildest dreams,



Your Body

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With summer having just arrived, our haibun challenge at DVerse this time has to do with summer. This was a challenge for me, but I tried to be open and honest. As a person who struggles with anorexia and low body image, summer is a hard season because of the ubiquitous messages about starting a summer diet, losing weight, and getting a “beach body.” In the past, it was particularly difficult, but this year, all of those messages are more annoying than tempting, at least for me. This summer, it is going to be different for me.

Summer. Swimsuit season. Everybody seems obsessed with a beach body, as if the beach cares what types of bodies flock to it. As if a human is no more than his or her body. People say they have to get in shape, like they’re a square peg trying to shove themselves into a tiny circular space. But does the water care what shape it flows around? Do the waves beat up on people the way beachgoers beat up on themselves?

No. And I won’t play that game, either, because even though it’s summer, with

Temperatures warming,

I focus on peace within

While the sun’s shining.

Not a Villain

This is a reflection on anger, written in villanelle form, inspired by a challenge from DVerse as well as by the difficulties that I have had in my life with expressing all types of emotions. Often I try to ignore or squash anger, thinking it is bad and frightening, but that only makes it stronger and scarier. Anger is like a fire: It can be scary when misused, but it can also be helpful.

For too long I’ve been loath to let it in:

I’d feared its heat, its size, its strength, this fire —

Yet anger has been framed. It is no villain.


Emotional health under construction:

The spectrum of emotions is entire;

For too long I’ve been loath to let it in.


The Scriptures say “Be angry; do not sin,”

To hide anger away makes God a liar,

For anger has been framed. It is no villain.


Engaging in a fight I’ll never win:

Anger is angry, and it does not tire

Until I open up to let it in.


It teaches and it gives motivation,

It will not burn up as a funeral pyre,

For anger has been framed. It is no villain.


Anger is a part of being human.

It wishes to be seen and be brought higher.

For too long I’ve been loath to let it in,

Yet anger has been framed. It is no villain.


This is my response to DVerse’s “And the Sign Said” poetics prompt. We were challenged to use a sign as inspiration for a poem. These are photos of both sides of the Open / Closed sign at my work.


Flipping the sign in the window

From Closed to Open,

For the work day has begun:

I eagerly await the opportunities

To teach, and not only correct

But connect with every

Student who comes in.

I hope they know

That not only this facility

But my heart, in truth,

Is open too.

Quadrille: Pepper

Today’s quadrille prompt was to write a poem of exactly 44 words, one of which is the word “pepper.” It was a bit of a challenge to think of a topic for this one, but I ended up writing about how my family used to make jalapeño poppers using the jalapeños from my brother’s garden.

We’d take the jalapeño peppers

From the garden and make jalapeño poppers:

Carefully cut and seed them,

Stuff them with cream cheese and

More cheese and coat them with

Corn flakes, bake them and eat

Piping hot, with our family —

The spice of life.

“Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet”

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

— John 1:5

Words might be hurtful,

And rejection, might be mine,

But my God redeems it,

Et lux in tenebris lucet.

Will my friends abandon me,

In this Gethsemane?

But God gets me through it,

Et lux in tenebris lucet.

Amidst mean words,

I seek my Shepherd:

My lamp is lit,

Et lux in tenebris lucet.