Because it is donut day….

Evidently, June 2 is national donut day. Linked to DVerse’s open link night.

Unassuming balls of dough

Are thrown into hot oil,

Then glazed or iced (pink frosting,

please!), dressed up in sprinkles

Or whatever strikes one’s fancy.

But before they are beautified,

A hole is cut from the middle,

And even that is fried,

But at least no piece is wasted.


Unassuming people

Are thrown into life’s trails,

Covered with fire and ice,

And holes are cut from their insides.

Yet even these pieces can be beautified,

It can one day create a sweetness —

I believe no experience is wasted.

6 thoughts on “Because it is donut day….

  1. I had the same thought as Bjorn! Except it was Forest Gump’s Mama who said something like…life is like a box of chocolates. People are like donuts…who knew? Love your sweet poem!


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