Storm — Quadrille

A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words that includes a specific word. Today’s quadrille uses the word “storm.” The poem does not have to rhyme, but mine does because sometimes I like to challenge myself a little bit.

Rage on, fearsome storm, my Captain steers!

Howl, shout loudly, assail my ears,

For calling on my Captain frees from fears.


With Him as guide, what matter other voices?

On seas of life, He knows the ideal choices,

And so my stormy soul rejoices.


8 thoughts on “Storm — Quadrille

  1. Oh, MY. This is just gorgeous. I cannot agree more with the promise in this, and the language you’ve invoked brings to mind both O Captain, My Captain and the Psalms. Beautiful.


  2. I have heard many bragging of the Captain, only to be greatly disappointed when tragedy hits loved ones or themselves, but until then, they have create confidence and comfort, and after then, they either despair or re-interpret or rationalize.

    I feel the best Captain is realistic expectations and nurturing of love. Maybe that is your Captain too.


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