Haibun: Sport

This week’s haibun prompt was to write about sports. I am not a big fan of sports, so this was rather difficult to get inspiration for, but I like what came out of being open to this. Though I am not into team sports, I did karate for about 12 years when I was younger, and nowadays I really like activities such as yoga and hiking.

My brothers and I started doing karate when we were young, 8 and 12 years old. I often enjoyed class but didn’t think I was following my passions, since, from the beginning, I wanted to take dance. However, my brothers liked karate, so — two against one — I was outvoted. In my teenage years, karate became a place of self-criticism for me, yet I couldn’t bear to leave. At the ages of 19 and 20, with an eating disorder developing, over-exercising became a snare to me. Finally, I had no choice but to give up karate and start fighting the scariest and strongest enemy I’d ever encountered: Monsters in my own mind. And I’m still fighting but am training and gaining strength every day.


Summer turns to fall,

Black belt becomes a novice,

New, personal strength.

11 thoughts on “Haibun: Sport

  1. I’ve read them all, and I find this to be the best and most powerful piece from the prompt collection.

    This is profound: “Black belt becomes a novice”


  2. Warrior of the mind. You’ve learned and moved on, kudos for that. Do you think karate gave you a sense of discipline that is now beneficial as you move forward? Thank you for sharing. Personal strength and self will….all necessary to like ourselves so we in turn, can like others.


  3. I wish you parents could have understood and joined you in dance class, but it’s not too later, it’s never too later, as opposed to What people make us think. Keep on fighting! We are all here to support!


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