Quadrille: Pepper

Today’s quadrille prompt was to write a poem of exactly 44 words, one of which is the word “pepper.” It was a bit of a challenge to think of a topic for this one, but I ended up writing about how my family used to make jalapeño poppers using the jalapeños from my brother’s garden.

We’d take the jalapeño peppers

From the garden and make jalapeño poppers:

Carefully cut and seed them,

Stuff them with cream cheese and

More cheese and coat them with

Corn flakes, bake them and eat

Piping hot, with our family —

The spice of life.

15 thoughts on “Quadrille: Pepper

  1. Hot stuff, you have written! Savoring every word. (Ok, so a little something between us – I wrote my quadrille last night and then came to the prompt with a ‘what word can I change to pepper’ kind of attitude. Backwards, I know, but something to consider if you are at a loss. Don’t tell anyone, ok? HA!)

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  2. My jaw is literally hanging open. I was craving these, big time, last night. But I’ve never had them homemade! Can I come over to your house and eat?!

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  3. This is a new recipe to e and it sounds delicious! The name is great – it made me think of fireworks – and what a genius way to use cornflakes!


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