With summer having just arrived, our haibun challenge at DVerse this time has to do with summer. This was a challenge for me, but I tried to be open and honest. As a person who struggles with anorexia and low body image, summer is a hard season because of the ubiquitous messages about starting a summer diet, losing weight, and getting a “beach body.” In the past, it was particularly difficult, but this year, all of those messages are more annoying than tempting, at least for me. This summer, it is going to be different for me.

Summer. Swimsuit season. Everybody seems obsessed with a beach body, as if the beach cares what types of bodies flock to it. As if a human is no more than his or her body. People say they have to get in shape, like they’re a square peg trying to shove themselves into a tiny circular space. But does the water care what shape it flows around? Do the waves beat up on people the way beachgoers beat up on themselves?

No. And I won’t play that game, either, because even though it’s summer, with

Temperatures warming,

I focus on peace within

While the sun’s shining.


6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I like how you used ‘beat’ with the waves in a different way than what were used to. The breakers- the beat of the wave- but waves don’t beat us up emotionally – just physically. A sort of play on words that is spot on. A nice creative twist 😁


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