Love, Your Body

Good morning! This is the body

That will be with you today.

I will be with you all day,

So I hope we can stay

Friends, and not get into arguments.

I know you don’t always agree

With me, but I want to be

With you, so I’m hoping

We can go do something fun

Today, something we will love.


I have unconditional love for you,

When you don’t give me much I do

What I can with the little I get.

This is love: Let me talk to you,

And walk together to greater

Things, a reborn way of living.


For just like you, I just want to be

Loved, and every part of us

Is made of and by Love,

So please, so not be afraid of me.

I want you to achieve

Beyond your wildest dreams,



Your Body

Shared with Dverse’s open link night


9 thoughts on “Love, Your Body

  1. Deeply felt. I’m in hopes that my body once again feels that way about me — right now it’s telling me I slept wrong, which, of course is an outright lie, because WE didn’t sleep much… if at all. So he (my body) just needs to get over himself. But right now I’m in deep hopes that you and your body have the best day and night possible. For evermore! (No joke.)

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  2. A comma is everything! Firstly, let me say that I applaud your courage in fighting and sharing that fight. Secondly, your poetry is so well done; write on! Lastly, my body got up this morning saying we should go for a walk; I have spent the balance of the day trying to convince it that we should stay in the air conditioning and dance. 🙂

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