July Collaboration Challenge

This month, Jilly’s is hosting a challenge to write the first half of a poem and then write the second half of another poet’s poem. I haven’t written my original first half yet, but I completed Jerennazuto’s Tanaga. Hopefully I did it justice. The original is in blue, and my  addition is in purple.

If love or lust, you did ask

I would jump up & down to say

That love is where my mind lay, 

Not heart, body, I could mask.


But you split minds like devil,

Gave two heaven, which to miss,

I treasure the days of bliss, 

To make a choice, void of will.


I sit on the windowsill, 

Through the window looking out,

Haunted by this inner shout.

Regret is a bitter pill.


This became a special hell, 

Self in two directions stretched,

Are the keys to heaven fetched? 

Dear, eternity will tell. 

6 thoughts on “July Collaboration Challenge

  1. Outstanding! Love how you kept the heaven / hell themes running throughout and the dichotomy of being torn between two things. The ‘inner shout’ pulls it all together for me because it draws you to the final stanza with the shout being the unanswered question. Your writing is marked by your clear poet’s voice in everything you do!

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