July Challenge: Humming and Beeping

This is my completion of NoSaintAugustine’s poem for the July Challenge. It was hard for me to write. I came up with a few different ways to complete the first half, but nothing seemed quite right. This is what I finally chose to share.

Memory is a prison

A refrigerator buzz

While I make tostadas

A hum over mumbling

Mobsters on the box

A-wandering, mapless

A baroque Sicilian plot


Memory is a prison


Long hallways

Footsteps echoing

Hospital machines beeping

While waiting, waiting

For Fate’s verdict:

Am I free?


Memory is a prison.

3 thoughts on “July Challenge: Humming and Beeping

  1. Nice job! This was a tough one for me, too. It was the one that made me go personal & dark.
    By the way – I am working on completing your San San. I think I hit the wall today.


  2. I apologize for taking so long to get to this. I was traveling and unable to get online for any length of time. The hospital setting of your poem was a great choice as it brings the reader immediately into the emotional core of your work. We all have tough memories of the hospital so it is very relatable. The ambiguity of “free” at the end allows the reader to fill in the blanks with their own experiences. Very nice! Thank you for joining in on this!

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