Mihi Vivere…

“To me, to live is Christ.”

— Philippians 1:21


You who called me from of old,

May I be purified as fine gold,

After these days of earthly tests —

Mihi vivere Christus est.


Over words and actions set a guard,

For I know that, though it’s hard,

To live Your way is for the best —

Mihi vivere Christus est.


And when pressures start to boil,

When my body is tired from toil,

I turn; You lead me into rest —

Mihi vivere Christus est.


This life can be a valley of tears,

We may see too much evil in our years,

But tides of life will reach their crest:

Mihi vivere Christus est.

One thought on “Mihi Vivere…

  1. Beautifully phrased with the refrain of “Mihi…” If we could but remember Paul’s words in each moment. I have neglected my Christian blog–though I just began working on a meditation book. Time is such a challenge.


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