Break Down the Barriers

Here is another poem inspired by Jill’s “Songs of Unreason” quotes challenge. Today’s was about how “human wildness…finds all barriers brutishly unbearable.” That got me thinking about how people, in general, want to be their true selves but build metaphorical walls out of fear of being rejected. This turned out better than expected!

Everyone I know



Connection — so

Why do barriers

Still preside, looming

Over our lives?


Hearts yearn to reside

In a special place,

Where barriers break,

So let us take

Risks, and time,

And shine our lights

Above and far beyond

The dark,

And tall,

And gloomy,



May our words be

Nourishing trees of life.

May the broken barriers

Begin with mine.

3 thoughts on “Break Down the Barriers

  1. Bravo!!! The blessing of the last stanza really grabbed me, but the entire poem just smacks of that Harrison quote. You peeled back every layer behind which we hide and went straight to the center of the onion here. I’m wowed and impressed by the honesty and truth in this. You are such a wonderful writer, my friend! Poem on 🙂

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