Today at DVerse, we are writing minute poems.

It is a form that was unfamiliar to me and sounded a little challenging but fun. Each minute poem contains 60 syllables, in three 20-syllable stanzas. Each stanza has 4 lines, with 8 syllables in the first line of each stanza and 4 syllables in the others. Ideally, minute poems are also written in iambic meter, with a rhyme scheme of “aabb ccdd eeff.” This one was enjoyable to write!

I hear the healing notes rise in

A wave, begin

To sing their song,

Here all along.


They have lain dormant in my soul,

I’ve played a role

In my own pain,

But let the rain


Seep into my aridity,

Helping me be

Somebody new,

Somebody true.


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