Worst Case

I signed my name, and an unspecified amount of time, away. I was scared, terrified, in unfamiliar territory, solo. I had sunk so low: emaciated body, crippling anxiety around eating, heightened fear and a sunken face. But this was not the worst-case scenario.

For I had been afraid of dying in my sleep and leaving my twin solo. I did not want to die but had become so afraid of true life. I was afraid of the unspecified fight in front of me, yet knew I could not live without refeeding, without facing fears that were killing me.


Grass peeks through concrete.

Water flows over large stones.

Dandelions blown.


I debated whether to post this or not. Linked to DVerse’s latest open link night.

12 thoughts on “Worst Case

  1. The haiku really says so much in this! At first reading my eye saw ‘dandelion bloom’ and then I looked again – wow! The determined strength of the grass is a powerful image. Keep writing and stay close to the source.


  2. I’m glad you posted. The prose leading to the haiku is gut-wrenching. As it should be. The flown dandelions is a strong image of how vulnerable many of us are. There is strength in putting this sort of work out there for others to read. Keep doing it. Much love if that means anything from a perfect stranger.


  3. I commend you for the courage it took for you to post this and share your story here. It’s a most powerful haibun and your haiku says volumes about survival against strong odds. I can relate to much of what you wrote as I went through a similar stage in my life. I still marvel at the strength of the human spirit to keep going.
    Gayle ~

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