My White Shoes

A reflection on my shoes, inspired by DVerse’s Poetics prompt. I actually wrote 3 poems about shoes. Who knew they could lead to so much poetry? There is poetry in just about anything, for those who are open to seeing it.

My white shoes are dirty from use,

From providing protection that my feet need,

From for miles and miles walking

And faithfully taking me places

I need to go. My shoes know

Where I’ve been and will be

My companions when I step into tomorrow.


The Library

Today I was walking through the huge library on my college campus. There were many bookshelves with countless rows of books on them, on every topic imaginable. I was at the same time sad that I would never be able to read more than a tiny percentage of them and also amazed that the library had so much available. I was happy, just standing among all of those books.

This is a quadrille for DVerse’s bliss prompt.

I lose myself in rows of bookshelves,

Confronting mortality as I realize

I’ll never be

Able to read

All these books,

Works spanning centuries.


Let me not lose time in valleys

Of unhappiness, but right now find bliss

Among these giants,

Of enduring genius.


This poem was inspired by the Wikipedia page about daisies. I have been interested in the meaning of flowers for a while and for some reason felt drawn to explore daisies. Note: Their Latin name is Bellis perennis. Shared with DVerse’s OLN #202.

Flower of children and innocence,

Bellis perennis, 

May you grow and love

Your yellow center and

Pure-white petals.

May you be rooted deep,

And do not weep,

But know your name:

Your everlasting beauty.


Listening to “Hey Jude”

I am in a coffee shop right now, and the song “Hey Jude” by the Beatles came on. I wrote a poem about it and only then saw that today’s poetics prompt from DVerse is about song lyrics!

Hey, you, let it out to let it in.

Remember — to let him

Into your heart, and

Under your skin;

You’re waiting

For someone to perform with.


Pray for me,

O saint of hopeless cases.

Quadrille: Dream

It is quadrille Monday again at DVerse! Today’s word is dream.

Dreams are strange things:

We wake,

They dissipate,

And what do they say,


When we’re asleep?


They speak,

Reaching high and loftily,

Diving deep, subconsciously,

They symbolize the keenest cries

Of Soul’s profound desires.


They wish when we awake

We light the fires.