Imperfect and Perfect

Today at DVerse, we are writing haibuns based on the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, which is described as “the art of imperfection.”

I look at a chipped teacup, a broken seashell, cracks in the concrete, even a dying flower and see beauty: poignant, ineffable, intriguing, unique. On every piece of nature are God’s fingerprints, infinite. Let me extend this knowledge to my own body, a temple of personal, imperfect and perfect beauty.


Springtime’s trees flower,

Jacaranda’s purple blooms

Dress the cracked sidewalk.

11 thoughts on “Imperfect and Perfect

  1. So simply full of beauty. The Jacaranda blooms, as they rain down, always touch me, seem so symbolic. And God never tires of reminding us that the perfection he asks is our willingness to love. He fills in the gaps for us.


  2. Your poem expresses to me the integration of all things God creates, just as did your Haiku. Even our bodies are wonderfully made, (mine needs a little work at present), but still perfect in His eyes. How beautiful!


  3. God’s fingerprints are even more beautiful with the imperfections. Those purple blooms can sure dressed up cracked sidewalks and dusty hiking trails.


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