The Library

Today I was walking through the huge library on my college campus. There were many bookshelves with countless rows of books on them, on every topic imaginable. I was at the same time sad that I would never be able to read more than a tiny percentage of them and also amazed that the library had so much available. I was happy, just standing among all of those books.

This is a quadrille for DVerse’s bliss prompt.

I lose myself in rows of bookshelves,

Confronting mortality as I realize

I’ll never be

Able to read

All these books,

Works spanning centuries.


Let me not lose time in valleys

Of unhappiness, but right now find bliss

Among these giants,

Of enduring genius.

9 thoughts on “The Library

  1. I’m at an age in life where I have to be really fussy about what I read…if it doesn’t hook me in 10% on Kindle or 50 pages, it’s gone. I totally “get” what you are saying. Book stores are havens of bliss.


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