Changing of the Seasons

This is for today’s “haibun Monday” at DVerse. Today we were challenged to write about being in-between seasons. The prompt was inspired by the Japanese word komorebi, which refers to the light that filters between leaves, especially in spring or fall. It seems to me like the transition between summer and fall happens quickly, as stores tend to dive right into Halloween.

I was browsing a store on the first of September, and it didn’t take long to notice the numerous Halloween decorations for sale or the fact that bulky bags of candy were already on the shelves. Do people not know that Halloween lies at the end of October? Do people want to rush their precious life along, riding time like a racehorse, and without changing consumerism’s course? It is more scary than sweet to me, more a trick than a treat.


Quickly calling ghosts

Realizing life’s brevity –

Red leaves fall with grief.

12 thoughts on “Changing of the Seasons

  1. The change of seasons cannot be controlled. But the rush of seasons is a peeve of mine, so wonderfully expressed in your poem. My youngest weds in December and I am in no hurry to move time along. So few moments to cherish between now and then. To heck with Halloween and the skip over Thanksgiving. One day at a time to hold dear! This is a special haibun. I appreciate it!


  2. Yes! It seems when I was younger, Halloween didn’t start the sales until a couple of weeks before and the Christmas parade was always two weeks before Christmas. We do waste our time plunging into the future don’t we? I love the last line of your haiku. Lovely.


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