A baby rattlesnake

Is not the same thing as a baby

With a rattle.

And the walking dead

Are not just fodder for a popular

T.V. show.


Is a brood of vipers,

A coral snake when you make it king,

And it creates dead out of the living.


We all know how

This story ends:

With an embrace

Tight as a boa constrictor,

While the unsuspecting

Prey coos,

“I love you, too.”

This poem was inspired by a prompt that my friend gave to me: When I had run out of poetry ideas, he suggested that I “write a poem that involves dramatic irony, zombies, and a baby rattlesnake. The words I love you must be stated.” I definitely had fun with this, even though the subject matter turned out to be serious! This poem is also for DVerse OLN #203.

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