Take the Reins

Time for another poem! This one was written in response to DVerse’s challenge,  Rein ’em in. The challenge is to use the words “rain/rein/reign” in a poem and to have a positive tone. Overachiever that I am, I did my best to use all three words. This is also inspired by WordPress’s daily prompt, which was the word “Disobey.”

Rain on a dark-gray day

Is a symbol of sadness,

Some say; I’d prefer

To disobey. The weather

Should not reign over

Anyone’s emotions. I’ll stay

Sane, be free,

And hold the reins.



11 thoughts on “Take the Reins

  1. Kudos! You hit the trifecta and used the three words — and very well indeed. Ah yes….as the old saying goes, mind over matter….or perhaps it should be mind over grey rainy days? I always call those kinds of days “make-your-own-sunshine-days.” Thanks for a lovely post!

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  2. The only time I have difficulty reining in the weather is during the bleak days of January and February, when the newness of winter has worn off, the snow has become a dingy grey, and it seems a very long time ’til Spring! I like your thoughtful poem!

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