Retourne (collaboration)

This poem is a retourne written for Jilly’s September collaborative poetry challenge. Imelda wrote the first 2 stanzas, and I finished the poem with the second 2 stanzas. Each stanza is a quatrain with 8 syllables per line. There is also repetition of each line in the first stanza becoming the opening lines of the subsequent stanzas. Her words are in bold.

Words, once set free, blend in the wind
breathing a timeless existence;
Some grow wings to fly to heaven
They ask gifts for the gentle tongue

Breathing a timeless existence,
words illuminate our soul
Memories do falter in time
consequences of words live on.

Some grow wings to fly to heaven,

Rising upward, wearing halos.

Some trip, falling down to the depths,

And we feel aflame, filled with shame.


They ask gifts for the gentle tongue,

Unwrap me, uncage me, I need

Kindness, sweetness, don’t beat me with

Old words, older as I age, too.


One thought on “Retourne (collaboration)

  1. Hi, Jenna. Sorry for the late visit. I just finished baking a cake for my husband.

    I think we have similar ideas about how the second part goes and because of that, I think your work is a perfect fit. Thank you very much for playing along with me. 😊🌸 your work is much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

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