Today at DVerse, Lillian has come up with the fun prompt of writing a poem including our birthstone. Since my birthday is in June, my birthstone is both pearl and moonstone. I wrote this poem inspired by pearls, but I might also write one about moonstones. Amethysts are my favorite gems, so I sort of wish I was born in February, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t write a poem about them, too! Anyway, here is my poem.

Sometimes I have felt like an oyster,

Life has thrown sand in my face

And in my mouth, irritating —

But I have survived, and thrived.

I hope that as life unfurls,

I will discover many pearls.

And here is a micropoem (technically not a haiku) just for some added fun:


Pearl in the oyster:

Sorrow gives birth to beauty,

Worn around my neck.

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