Voice in My Head

At DVerse we are writing about real-life monsters. I couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than mental illness, especially how persistent it can be.

You creep.

You crawl.

You catch

Me in your spider’s web,

I try to fly,

I am a fly,

You wrap me in


Silky threads.

I push.

I pull.

I persevere

In breaking free.

But you



Have a slimy hold on me.

Life-saving Kindness

Written for DVerse’s haibun Monday, for which we are reminiscing about kindness.


What constitutes kindness? A quick note, a smile, a song, words affirming worth. Even someone simply saying my name, telling me “I see you;” or someone placing a blanket gently over my body while I am nearly sleeping. Or someone calling me after a desperate text-message cry for help at 10:30 at night. I’m alive because of all these acts of care and kindness.


Winter chills my bones.

Keep me warm with your own coat,

My heart perseveres.


Love’s Footprints

This poem was written in response to the Wordle 323, a list of words used all in one poem. I actually wrote two because the words were particularly inspiring this week. Here is the first one.

Mimic the wind chime,

Try to touch the sky.

The breeze carresses your cheek

Like a lover’s sigh.

Heart pines to walk

Along the shore, even if

The pebble-strewn path

Leads into mist.

The heartbeat is a signal

That love will not give up,

Growing old but

Always limber enough

To run with the wind,

To touch the sky,

To leave footprints in

The seashore’s sand.



This is written for Frank’s haikai challenge #5. Our prompt word was Halloween, and though I did not use that particular word in my haiku, I referenced it. Over the next few day, I will likely write many more related poems, but this is my first try at it!

Jack-o’-lantern light,

Pumpkins transformed to faces:

What is your costume?

Your Mask

This week at DVerse, Mish has asked us to ponder the metaphorical mask, a fascinating and relatable topic. Without any further ado, here is my response.

Take off your mask.

You think it’s convincing,

It’s not.

You think your issues are unique

Under that plastic mask,

At bottom, they’re not.


Your store-bought mask is pretty,

But I prefer your true face,

Even if it’s marred

And scarred

It’s not wrong.


Can you trust me?

Can you let me see?

And how do I even

Know you are hiding behind

A mask? I bought

The same kind.


You Make the Darkness Light

This is for Frank’s Haikai Challenge #4, which invites us to write a haiku, tanka, haibun, or similar form of poetry, using the word “darkness.” I wrote a somonka, which is made up of two tanka and usually has love as a theme. Usually, somonka are written by two people, but I wrote both halves of this one.

Light shines in darkness,

Reflected in your kind face,

You are moon and stars.

Nights elongate this season,

Opportunities to shine.


May love redeem us.

Fight with me against despair,

Uniting our hearts.

May we like leaves be willing

To let go, showing our hope.