I Believe You

Shared with DVerse’s latest Open Link Night. Also for Wednesday poetry prompts

You say life is better

in recovery and

i believe you,


But i believe these



and that fat

is still a



You say these thoughts

in my mind

are lying,

are planted

by a diet-obsessed

Society and I

do, I do believe you

But i believe in



Step counting



i’m burning in an

artificial hell

Why am I not counting

the times i’ve made

myself small,

the time I’ve spent

Trying to get

Happiness back again?

My mind is renewed.

Mental health

Counts too.

You say life is better

in recovery and


Believe you.


8 thoughts on “I Believe You

  1. My diet changed a year ago motivated by some blood tests. I now use coconut oil a lot (which I guess is a kind of fat). No gluten. No dairy. However, I don’t know what a calorie is. I agree with you that mental health is important–and happiness. Best wishes.

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  2. I believe you really have to just use common sense when dieting because with all the information out there about foods and how this one and that one is bad for you it can drive you bonkers…yes, your mental health is equally important! Thanks for sharing your “beliefs.”

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