The Wake of Forgiveness

This was inspired by a book title that I saw yesterday and is written especially for Forgiving Fridays.

In the wake of forgiveness,

There is a wave of deep peace.


Seemed daunting,

Like a tsunami,

But that giant

Was the grudge and the regret.


When you wake to forgiveness,

There is a dawn of deep peace.


No longer haunting,

Instead you are free,

And the light

Is new life, if you take it.


3 thoughts on “The Wake of Forgiveness

  1. Oh my God, I love this. I opened to the deep peace that comes with forgiveness as I read it. You have quite a talent and a beautiful heart! ❤

    I am honored to share this post for #ForgivingFridays. (yay) I'm going offline for a few weeks, so please feel free to keep sharing your poetry and I'll post all of them upon my return.
    Many blessings, Debbie

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