Persistent Life

For DVerse’s latest haibun Monday, hosted by Frank Hubeny, we are writing about pleasant surprises. I wasn’t going to share this poem, but here it goes. 

I share my mind with a monster that wants to kill me. If it has taken a break these last 13 years, it has only been biding its time before biting back into my life. A short reprieve does not mean that it will leave. It has tried to take me down now more times than I can count. The pleasant surprise is that depression has not won: I am still alive.


A persistent light

Illumines a cliff; darkness

Has not overcome.

20 thoughts on “Persistent Life

  1. I have had many a friend taken down by the monster.
    And what a pleasant surprise it is when they come back to life.

    Hold onto that light. Even in the darkest of days.
    It is not darkness that extinguishes the light, darkness does not
    have that power,

    but it is light that pushes
    it back.

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  2. I too suffer from chronic depression. It is indeed a monster that seeks to eat one alive. Good for you that it has not overcome you. My depression almost overcame me when my mother died, badly, back in June. But I am on my way back again.
    Keep raging against the darkness!

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  3. Your words are powerful in and of themselves. Shedding light on that road….acknowledging the light you are in. Depression is indeed a monster and I for one, am so very thankful to see you here. This gives new meaning to “revivedwriter.” I look forward to seeing you here at dverse again and again…sharing your light!

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  4. That particular monster has had a grip on me since I was a young parent, so I understand how the well moments are so surprising and welcome, not that we ever intended for them to go away to begin with. The struggle is real, and people do get better with time and proper help.

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  5. thank you for being so brave and writing this, i lost someone to depression and it hurts me that I could not understand the pain he went through. know that you are loved for the person you are and that there’s always someone interested in your story.

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  6. Light overcomes darkness…and talking about it defangs the monster (or at least, the stigma). Thanks for sharing this personal struggle. My father lives with bipolar disorder and it threatened to kill him too several years ago. Praise God, it didn’t.

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