Thank you to Linda Luna for writing a poem in a form that is called a Brady’s Touch poem. After seeing her blog post, I decided to try to write my own version of this 10-line poem:

  • It is made of 2 quintets (5-line stanzas) with a specific rhyme and syllabic count.
  • Line length: Each stanza follows the same pattern of 9-9-8-8-2 syllables.
  • Rhyme scheme: abxcd abxcd

It took me a while to come up with a topic, but I enjoyed writing this, think that it came out decently, and will certainly try writing in this form again.

I see Jesus in many faces
Hoping for peace and restoration,
Let us rejoice with the happy,
Let us shed tears with the weeping

I see Jesus in many places
In all humanity, each nation:
Let us take down dividing walls,
I see your smile, your eyes, mirroring
My soul.




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