This is my contribution for Forgiving Fridays. This time I wrote a poem called a rondelet about letting go of an old habit: negative thinking and getting stuck in unhelpful thought patterns. I prefer to choose hope instead, even when life is difficult. Also shared with DVerse open link night.

Thoughts run around

My mind and make me stuck and sad,

Thoughts run around

Until I’m curled up on the ground,

Remind myself, “This is not you,”

Create some space so that my true

Thoughts run around.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I like the distinction between one’s truth thoughts and those one would rather not have. It suggests to me that our thoughts are not completely dependent on our individual bodies which I think is also true.


  2. God this is so powerful! What an amazing sentence to turn around into love: Remind myself, “This is not you” Thank you, thank you for contributing this poem for #ForgivingFridays, it is so on point. I’m honored to share it this week! Blessings to you and Light and love. Debbie
    ps – my spiritual mentor J-R once said how intention is a positive direction that we can follow. That really helps me. ❤

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