Heart: A Ghazal

Join us at DVerse, where we are currently sharing ghazals. I love this beautiful and somewhat haunting form but have not posted one since last year (see here).

This morning I am grateful for your beats, my heart,
Your faithfulness which constantly repeats, my heart.

I should respect and listen to your words,
I know they should be listened to and heard, my heart.

You tell me when you’re sick and tired and ill,
To take the time to breathe and pray, be still, my heart.

You are a symbol of all life and love,
Enjoy the sun which shines on you above, my heart.

Your paths inscrutable and hard to know,
Jenna, forgive mistakes. You can let go, my heart.

6 thoughts on “Heart: A Ghazal

  1. I like this one very much. I don’t know whether your rhyme variation was intentional or you misunderstood the instructions, but I REALLY like it and think it should become a recognised variation to the form

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