Change of Plans

I wrote this haibun for DVerse poetics, inspired by the prompt about pentimento, or changing one’s mind. This Italian word is where the English word repentance comes from. I felt a little weird writing a haibun for this prompt, since it is not a Monday, but any form is okay for this.

When people hear that I began as a chemical engineering major, they are amazed at my current French studies, a complete 180 degree turn. I changed college plans because despite being good at math and science, I didn’t have nearly the same passion that I had, and still have, about language. Engineers do make a lot of money, but, as cliché as it sounds, money doesn’t mean that much to me. I think that enjoyment of a job can be part of the payment.

Completely new path,
Unknown as a foreign tongue —
Where does it turn now?

8 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. “Unknown as a foreign tongue”
    Way to tie your path into your passion with that line. I was an engineering student for a hot minute too, but I changed my major I don’t know how many times. I agree learning a language is an exhilarating ride, I wish you all the best on yours. Also, the haibun is a great form for this personal prompt, I’m glad you chose it:)

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  2. LOVE it! Tis true…..a job is doing something you’ve comitted to and do for the money to live. A career is a passion, no matter the job, that brings pleasure to the one who is doing it…and many many times, because of that pleasure, brings some kind of good to others in some, sometimes roundabout, way.
    We work for a long time of our life…..our life will be better if we enjoy what we do. I’d say you made a very wise and mature decision!

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