When anxiety wishes you would
Stand stone-still,
When depression wishes life would
Pass you by,
But you refuse to give up
Refuse to die —
When the indomitable will
Pushes through fear,
Celebrate and say,
“Courage lives here.”


For Twiglets and the daily post, Courage.

I am also linking this to Forgiving Fridays because I have made some unwise decisions in the past due to anxiety, and I am working on fitgivifo myself for that and moving forward, remembering that I am still a worthy person, even if I can’t fight through it all the time. 

5 thoughts on “Indomitable

  1. I am so incredibly touched. This is a beautiful poem – and right on track for #ForgivingFridays. There are no rules except that it is YOUR experience with forgiveness. ❤ Did you know that "courage" comes from the French word, coeur? Or "sacred heart". Blessings, Debbie

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